Cable operator Vectra selects ARRIS Group STB for IP shifting

Telecom Lead Europe: Cable service provider Vectra has selected ARRIS Group’s HMC3021 hybrid HD set-top for shifting to IP.

Utilization of ARRIS Group set-top will assist Vectra to transition its analogue subscribers to digital.

Consumers of Vectra in Poland will benefit from multi-screen experience and IP-based services.

Vectra will deploy the HMC3021 set-tops in customers’ homes by summer 2013.

Poland’s cable industry is going through analogue switch-off.

Tomasz Zuranksi, CEO, Vectra, said: “We’re seeing unprecedented interest high-quality HD and IP-based services in Poland. Video on Demand (VOD), in particular, is something our subscribers demand. Our investment in ARRIS’ hybrid set-top allows us to deliver these services today, while preparing for an all-IP future.”

HMC3021 STB delivers HD content to subscribers. The set-top converts a service provider’s digital signal within the home so that subscribers can view HD content, like VOD, without the need for a more expensive, traditional STB.

“With the analogue switch over in Poland coming later this year, many Polish service providers are looking for the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage this transition,” said Steve McCaffery, ARRIS Vice President and General Manager EMEA.

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