Verimatrix sets up development center in Paris

Telecom Lead Europe: Verimatrix has set up a development center in Paris, France.

The new center will focus on R&D and product engineering.

Verimatrix’s software and security engineering team will work on advancing the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS) suite of revenue security solutions.

The new development work is expected to assist in meeting the evolving needs of today’s pay-TV operators.

Verimatrix is based in San Diego, California, with European headquarters in Munich, Germany and Asian headquarters in Singapore.

The company has deployed revenue security solutions for more than 600 operators in over 90 countries, including 60 tier 1 and 2 operators, which represents more than 26 million screens and $6 billion revenue protected across IPTV, DVB and OTT devices.

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