5G for VR

Ooredoo 5G network: why customers need to wait for real 5G

Ooredoo 5G will disappoint many -- for the time being -- after the company became the first operator to launch a commercial 5G network on...
MachineQ IoT from Comcast

Comcast IoT network goes live in the San Francisco Bay Area

Cable operator Comcast announced the availability of its LoRaWAN IoT network in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. IoT coverage is available in major technology...
5G network from Ooredoo

Ooredoo launches first 5G commercial network in the world

Ooredoo is the first mobile operator in the world to launch a live 5G network on the 3.5GHz spectrum band in Qatar. Customers need a...
Telecom operator 5G investment forecast

Forecast on 5G investment by telecom operators

Research firm TBR has released a report on telecom operators’ Capex (capital expenditure) towards 5G between 2017-2022. ALSO READ: Nominations open for Innovation Leaders...
Ericsson, Telstra and Qualcomm achieve 300Mbps speed with LTE Category 6

Telstra conducts esports gaming over a live 5G connection

Telstra -- in association with Intel and Ericsson -- has conducted esports professional gaming over a live 5G connection on Australia’s Gold Coast. Professional gaming...
SK Telecom mobile tech

SK Telecom buys physical security co as part of IoT business

SK Telecom and Macquarie will acquire ADT Caps, Korea’s second-largest physical security services provider with 570,000 subscribers, in a deal valued at KRW 1.276...

SFR completes 5G call using Nokia 5G NR technology

SFR, a telecom operator in France, has completed a 5G call, using the 3GPP-compliant 5G New Radio (NR) system over-the-air on the 3.5GHz frequency...
Deutsche Telekom network Europe

Deutsche Telekom deploys 5G antennas in Germany

Global telecom operator Deutsche Telekom announced its 5G roll out plans in Germany, its home market. Deutsche Telekom engineers have set up 5G antennas to...
T-Mobile service revenue Q1 2018

T-Mobile network strategy and 5G investment plans

T-Mobile US, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom of Germany, has revealed the company’s network strategies and 5G investment update. T-Mobile reported service revenue of $7.8...
T-Mobile network plans

T-Mobile reveals network targets, points for FCC approval for Sprint deal

T-Mobile US and Sprint Corporation announced their network related wish list as part of the $26 billion deal. T-Mobile will be headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, with...
AT&T campaign

AT&T deploys 5G Evolution technology in parts of 117 new markets

Mobile service provider AT&T announced the launch of 5G Evolution technology in parts of 117 new markets. AT&T said 5G Evolution technology is now available in 141 markets. AT&T...
5G forecast report from Ovum

5G spectrum auction: FCC kicks off process targeting 24 GHz and 28 GHz

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said it’s seeking comment for the auction of the 28 GHz and 24 GHz spectrum bands for 5G services. FCC...
5G readiness index

Where’s India in 5G readiness Index prepared by Analysys Mason?

Research firm Analysys Mason has prepared the latest 5G readiness Index showing China in the top position. South Korea, the U.S., Japan, Germany, the U.K.,...
Verizon 5G network by Ericsson

5G spectrum recommendations for the U.S. leadership

5G Americas, a trade association, today announced the 5G spectrum  recommendations for the U.S. leadership. The 5G recommendation from 5G Americas provides guidance on licensed...
Ericsson 5G for telecoms

Rogers selects Ericsson for 5G network in Canada

Rogers Communications announced the selection of Ericsson for the deployment of 5G network in Canada. Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and ZTE are the other leading 5G...
Ericsson 5G for telecoms

Ofcom finalizes winners of 4G and 5G spectrum auction

Ofcom has revealed the final outcome of its spectrum auction to release more airwaves for 4G mobile and future 5G services – mobilizing £1,369,879,000 for the...



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