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Broadcom Qualcomm deal

Broadcom CEO will shift target after Qualcomm halt: Reuters

Broadcom CEO Hock Tan is unlikely to put the brakes on an acquisition spree after its $117 billion bid for Qualcomm was blocked by...
Broadcom CEO Hock Tan

Broadcom CEO’s chipset plans halted by Donald Trump: Bloomberg

Broadcom CEO Hock Tan won over Qualcomm shareholders to his plan for consolidating the chip industry. But Donald Trump, the president of the U.S....
Broadcom and Qualcomm

Donald Trump blocks Broadcom’s bid to buy Qualcomm fearing Huawei

U.S. President Donald Trump has blocked Broadcom’s $117 billion bid to buy semiconductor company Qualcomm on national security grounds -- fearing the dominance of...

U.S. says Broadcom violated order in process of moving domicile: Reuters

Singapore-based semiconductor company Broadcom, which is bidding Qualcomm for $117 billion,  has violated a U.S. Treasury Department order by not giving sufficient notice to...
Broadcom aims Qualcomm

Broadcom to complete redomiciliation to the U.S. by April 3

Broadcom, which made a $117 billion to buy rival semiconductor company Qualcomm, said it is expecting to complete redomiciliation to the U.S. by April...
Broadcom BroadRReach automotive Ethernet switch

U.S. orders Broadcom to give notice of steps to redomicile: Reuters

A U.S. national security panel has ordered Singapore-based chipmaker Broadcom, which is trying to buy Qualcomm in a $117 billion deal, to provide it...
Broadcom and Qualcomm

Broadcom offers more investment to get support for Qualcomm deal

Broadcom CEO Hock Tan has promised more investment as part of the company’s strategy to get support for the $117 bid to acquire Qualcomm...
Qualcomm Chairman Paul Jacobs

Qualcomm: Paul Jacobs steps down as chairman

Qualcomm announced that Paul E Jacobs will step down the position of executive chairman of the Qualcomm Board of Directors. The departure from the executive...
Broadcom Qualcomm deal

Broadcom — feeling the heat — offers $1.5 bn innovation fund

Broadcom, which is facing CFIUS investigation related to its $117 billion bid for Qualcomm, announced a $1.5 billion innovation fund to educate engineers in...
Huawei phone campaign in China

Qualcomm in talks to settle patent dispute with Huawei: WSJ

Chipmaker Qualcomm is in talks to settle a patent dispute with China’s Huawei Technologies and could reach an agreement in the coming weeks. Read...
Broadcom aims Qualcomm

U.S. sees security risk from Broadcom’s bid for Qualcomm: Reuters

A U.S. government national security panel has identified risks that warrant an investigation of Singapore-based Broadcom’s $117 billion bid for chipmaker Qualcomm. Read latest...
Qualcomm for mobile chips

U.S. security panel deals blow to Broadcom’s bid for Qualcomm: Reuters

A U.S. government national security panel on Sunday ordered Qualcomm to delay its March 6 shareholders' meeting that cast new doubt on Singapore-based Broadcom’s...
Qualcomm for 5G

Qualcomm to conduct shareholders meeting on April 5

Broadcom on Monday indicated that Qualcomm shareholders meeting scheduled for March 6 could be postponed amid the investigation by CFIUS on national security challenges...
Apple for telecom operators

Dialog Semiconductor may supply chips to Apple through 2020: Reuters

Dialog Semiconductor CEO Jalal Bagherli said the company expects Apple, its top customer, to use its chips for a significant proportion of its devices...
Broadcom CEO Hock Tan

Broadcom return to the U.S. could be complete in May: Reuters

Singapore-based chipmaker Broadcom, which is seeking to buy US-based rival Qualcomm in a nearly $121 billion deal, plans to complete its move back...

Reuters: Microchip to buy Microsemi for $8.35 bn

Microchip Technology is set to acquire Microsemi, the largest U.S. commercial supplier of military and aerospace semiconductor equipment, for about $8.35 billion. Read the...



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