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MediaTek Helio P60

MediaTek innovations at MWC 2018 target 4G and 5G device makers

Global chipset company MediaTek is trying to grab more attention for its 5G innovations competing with Qualcomm and Intel. ALSO READ: Latest news from Mobile...
Broadcom market cap

Reuters: Broadcom calls Qualcomm’s offer for price talks ‘engagement theater’

Semiconductor company Broadcom called a proposal by Qualcomm for a new meeting to negotiate an increase to Broadcom’s $117 billion acquisition offer “engagement theater”...
Intel Stratix 10 TX FPGA

Intel ships Stratix 10 TX FPGAs

Intel announced shipment of its Intel Stratix 10 TX FPGAs, a field programmable gate array (FPGA) with 58G PAM4 transceiver technology. ALSO READ: Latest news...
Qualcomm for mobile chips

Qualcomm offers to meet Broadcom again to discuss deal and price

Qualcomm Chairman Paul E. Jacobs has sought another meeting with Broadcom CEO Hock Tan and team to discuss for a revision in price and...
Intel’s Sandra Rivera

Intel to showcase 5G capabilities at MWC 2018

Intel will be showing its 5G capabilities at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018) in Barcelona next week. Intel has tied up with Dell, HP,...
Intel technology for 5G

Reuters: Intel plans $5 billion investment in Israeli plant

Intel plans to make an investment of $5 billion to expand production at its Kiryat Gat plant in southern Israel. Read the full telecom...
Broadcom aims Qualcomm

Broadcom lowers offer for Qualcomm to $79 per share

Broadcom has decided to lower its offer for Qualcomm to $79 per share from the earlier $82 per share. ALSO READ: Latest news from...
Qualcomm for mobile chips

Reuters: Qualcomm deals blow to Broadcom’s bid with sweetened NXP deal

Qualcomm has revised its terms to acquire NXP Semiconductors by enhancing the bid price to $44 billion as part of its strategy to block...
Qualcomm for mobile chips

Qualcomm wants better price and termination fee from Broadcom

Qualcomm Chairman Paul E Jacobs in a letter to Broadcom CEO Hock Tan has explained why the company has rejected the revised $121 billion...
Qualcomm for mobile chips

Qualcomm brings new business model to tap IoT

Semiconductor company Qualcomm Technologies will launch Qualcomm wireless edge services software, under a new business model, targeting enterprise and industrial IoT customers to connect...
Qualcomm chips for mobile Internet

Qualcomm Snapdragon X24 LTE modem sampling started

US-based semiconductor company Qualcomm has started sampling Qualcomm Snapdragon X24 LTE modem and devices makers are expected to launch their new devices by the end...
Broadcom board for Qualcomm

Broadcom seeks 6 positions in Qualcomm board

Chipset company Broadcom will seek the election of six, rather than 11, nominees to the Qualcomm board of directors. The change in the strategy of...
Broadcom Qualcomm deal

Broadcom signs loan facilities for $121 bn Qualcomm deal

Broadcom has signed financing agreements to fund the acquisition of Qualcomm for $121 billion. ALSO READ: Latest news from Mobile World Congress 2018 A group of...
Qualcomm for mobile chips

Broadcom to meet Qualcomm team on Feb 14 to discuss $121 bn offer

Chipset company Broadcom is expected to meet Qualcomm team to discuss its $121 billion offer on February 14, Reuters reported. ALSO READ: Latest news...
Broadcom aims Qualcomm

Broadcom to meet Qualcomm next week, not to revise bid price

Broadcom today said the $82 per share proposal is the best and will be the final bid price for acquiring Qualcomm. Broadcom said the Qualcomm...
Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 mobile platform

Qualcomm to meet Broadcom to demand more after rejecting $121 bn bid

Broadcom has received a request for a meeting from Qualcomm board though its $121 billion revised proposal for buying at $82 per share ($60...



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