Analysis on Indian Mobile & Wireless Market in 2012

The Indian telecom market is among the largest and fastest growing globally. With over 900 million mobile subscribers, it has witnessed staggering and relentless growth over the past decade. The


Full report on Ericsson Mobility forecast for 2012-17

Telecom Lead India: Ericsson said approximately 40 percent of all phones sold in Q3 2012 were smartphones and the growth of smartphone data traffic is expected to exceed the overall average. READ


Huawei’s whitepaper on global cyber security

Telecom Lead India: Huawei India has released its whitepaper on global cyber security. TelecomLead.com is presenting highlights of the report. Cyberspace is a new strategic domain unlike physical


Rural Telephony Opportunities in India: Wipro Infotech

Telecom Lead India: Rural India accounts for 70 percent of the country’s population but only 29 percent of India’s telephone subscriber base. This statistic evocates the digital divide plaguing

Connected Home

150 Million Devices Can’t be Wrong

As we construct a world with billions of devices connecting us to new services and applications, and as machines begin to interact directly to other machines (M2M), the way to manage this complex

Gearing up for network ubiquity

The Internet has experienced a tremendous growth in the past three decades, evolving from a network of a few hundred  hosts  to a platform connecting billions of things” across

Federated Collaboration – the new world order

Telecom Lead Asia: Business agility demands real-time collaboration and communication between employees, partners, suppliers, and customers – in a global context. It also demands