Brooklyn Nets and Real Madrid implement Cisco’s StadiumVision Mobile

Telecom Lead America: Networking major Cisco on Friday said Brooklyn Nets, Real Madrid and Sporting Kansas City have implemented StadiumVision Mobile, which delivers live video to fans’ mobile devices, in their venues.

This is a significant business for Cisco as more than 10 billion mobile devices are projected to be in use by 2016, and 71 percent of mobile data traffic is expected to be video by that time as well.

Cisco’s StadiumVision Mobile leverages Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi network to bring video straight to the latest smartphones and tablets with minimal delay.

When integrated with an in-venue app, the solution delivers live video and data feeds with minimal delay and offers multiple channels of content such as a replay channel, an alternate-view channel (a view of the bench during timeouts), and a data channel (for stats, trivia contests and multi-player games).

These options create a more interactive and personalized experience and open business opportunities for the venue and teams through targeted advertising, sponsorship activations, promotions, branding and more.

To date, more than 100 venues around the world feature Cisco’s customized solutions.

David Holland, general manager and senior vice president, Cisco Sports & Entertainment Solutions Group, said: “The launch of Cisco StadiumVision Mobile marks a significant milestone for Cisco and the Sports and Entertainment industry. We are empowering our customers to meet the demands of a new generation of fans with media-rich, personalized experiences that translate into significant business opportunities.”

StadiumVision Mobile is a key component of Barclays Center’s official mobile app.

“Cisco’s sports and entertainment solutions have a proven track record of success, and their technologies are aiding us in leading and creating memorable experiences for fans at Barclays Center,” said Brett Yormark, chief executive officer, Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center.

“Cisco StadiumVision Mobile will allow our fans to customize their experience in ways never before possible in the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu,” said Enrique Uriel, chief information officer, Real Madrid.

Asim Pasha, chief information officer, Sporting Kansas City; managing partner, Sporting Innovations, said the company is planning to implement solutions that leverage StadiumVision Mobile to its other clients around the world.

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