Religare Finvest taps Nucleus Software FinnOne mCollect app

Nucleus Software on Thursday said Religare Finvest has used its FinnOne mCollect app to enhance its loan servicing and collection software capabilities.

FinnOne mCollect helps lending institutions manage processes such as receipt recording, contact recording, receipt tracking and processing, float money tracking, receipt reconciliation and foreclosure simulation.


The mobile solution can be adapted to the needs of specific market segments.

Commenting on this development, Vishnu R. Dusad, CEO and MD of Nuclear Software, said, “We have a strong partnership with Religare Finvest since 2009 and are excited that, with its progressive and forward-looking vision, Religare Finvest has once again placed its trust in us.”

FinnOne has been ranked as the global #1 lending solution (IBS) for five consecutive years. mCollect, a mobility product, is designed for efficient delinquent and debt management operations. The app has enabled RFL to offer a high performance, automated and anywhere-anytime accessible system to its field collectors, collection managers, and sales personnel across India, the company said.

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