MACH’s revenue assurance solution available over cloud

Telecom Lead Europe: MACH has launched its revenue assurance solution over the cloud.

Currently, MACH processes close to one billion transactions in near real-time monthly.

As a cloud-based solution, CASHBACK v8, a revenue assurance solution, speeds revenue leakage detection and allows operators to focus their resources more efficiently.

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Analysys Mason estimated revenue leakage leakage at 5 percent to 15 percent of total operator revenues.

MACH’s cloud-based solution CASHBACK v8 is cost effective and analyzes data in near real-time.

Joseph George, director, Revenue Protection and Interconnect, MACH, says CASHBACK v8 is quick to market and instantly scalable to an operator’s needs.

The new cloud-based solution comes with a new Graphics User Interface (GUI) with advanced dashboard and reporting functionality, which aligns it with MACH’s FAME Fraud Protection System.

As both cloud-enabled and cloud-ready, CASHBACK v8 can reside on MACH’s premises, while accessing operator data over the cloud and using MACH’s expertise for comprehensive analysis. Alternatively, the system can reside in an operator’s premises.

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