Tecore Networks expands RAVEN wireless platforms for 3G and LTE

Tecore Networks, a 3G and 4G LTE mobile network infrastructure vendor, has expanded its RAVEN Wireless Platforms.

The enhanced wireless platform is designed to better rapid response capabilities for government agencies. RAVEN mobile wireless systems can be deployed in any environment where establishing rapid communications dominance is imperative.

As FEMA, DHS, FIRSTNET, and other first responders enhance emergency radio communications with 3G/4G, this expanded network capability may not be in place in the wake of a disaster. The RAVEN delivers a portable and localized network that supports communication for ground personnel, and can also reach back to the cloud for integrated communication.

Tecore Networks expands RAVEN wireless platforms for 3G and LTE

“Regardless of whether the user is operating in a remote, austere environment, or within a densely populated urban environment in support of an Iconic Event—we have learned that rapidly deployable, secure wireless communications is absolutely essential for effective consequence management,” said Jay Salkini, president and CEO of Tecore.

The company claims that RAVEN Wireless Platforms deliver better 3G/4G network, with integrated support for voice, text messaging, video, and Internet. RAVEN Platforms can operate as a standalone island of coverage, or integrate seamlessly into larger wireless networks. The complete technology package is sized for tactical operations.