LIME slashes prepaid mobile internet rates

Telecom Lead America: Caribbean telecom company LIME
is rolling out a slate of low-cost prepaid mobile Internet service packages
with rates cut by as much as 66 percent in order to increase Internet penetration


Beginning May 1, 2012, LIME’s popular prepaid one-day
plan will be available for $100, down from $300. Similarly, the price of the
seven-day prepaid package will be slashed by more than 50 per cent, down to
$600 from $1,250. In addition, the 30-day package will be available for just
$2,500, down from $3,500.


However, the teleco said its postpaid mobile Internet
rates would remain the same, but the data allocation for both the ‘casual user’
and ‘regular user’ packages would be increased.


“By slashing the cost of our prepaid mobile Internet
service, we are making it easier and more affordable for customers to get
Internet while on the go from practically anywhere in Jamaica. Everyone -
students, business people, professionals and recreational users – will
experience the benefits of having Internet access without being tethered to a
wired connection,” said Garry Sinclair, LIME’s managing director for
Jamaica and Cayman.


The company added that customers opting for the casual
user plan will now get 2GB instead of 1GB for $2,000. And, its regular user
plan now offers 4GB instead of 3GB for $3,000.


LIME said its mobile Internet service gives customers the
ease and convenience of accessing the Internet with wireless devices such as
smartphones, MI-FI units, dongles, and USB modems, or any other enabled


Last year, LIME introduced the FLIPtop, a low-cost laptop
which the company bundles with its postpaid ADSL and mobile Internet service


LIME selects Juniper Networks media flow for multi-screen TV


A few months back, LIME deployed Juniper Networks Media
Flow Controller to underpin its TV and video services.


LIME, Cable & Wireless Communications’ (CWC)
Caribbean subsidiary, provides landline, Internet, mobile and entertainment
services to thirteen Caribbean countries.


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