Agilent announces real-time spectrum analysis for PXA X-Series signal analyzers

Telecom Lead India: Agilent Technologies announced real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) for its PXA X-Series signal analyzers.

Agilent’s RTSA offers probability of intercept (POI), analysis bandwidth, sensitivity and frequency range—capabilities.

POI is one of the key benchmarks for RTSA in applications such as radar, electronic warfare and military communications.

When configured for real-time spectrum analysis, the PXA can detect intermittent signals with durations as short as 3.57 µs, which is the best POI currently available.

Guy Séné, president of Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group, says the real-time PXA combines a high-performance signal analyzer and real-time analysis. It gives users confidence that they’ve achieved a detailed understanding of what’s happening inside a signal-rich system or environment.

Agilent’s real-time PXA provides a 75-dB spurious-free dynamic range across analysis bandwidths of up to 160 MHz. This enables users to place deep and wide measurements anywhere within a measurement range of 50 GHz.

The PXA also provides the ability to vary the resolution bandwidth within a measurement span. With this combination of capabilities, users are better able to resolve closely spaced signals, identify intermittent low-level signals and further improve POI.

A real-time PXA integrates with Agilent 89600 VSA software. This combination of capabilities enables users to find the root cause of signal problems with advanced troubleshooting tools that support measurements in the time, frequency and modulation domains. The software also provides connections to Agilent instruments such as vector signal generators and arbitrary waveform generators to play back captured signals as inputs to a device under test.

RTSA is available as two upgrade options for new and existing PXA signal analyzers.

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