Deutsche Telekom signs 3-year contract with Anite for interoperability test solutions

Telecom Lead Europe: Deutsche Telekom has signed has signed a further three-year agreement with Anite for interoperability test solutions.

During Q3, 2013, Deutsche Telekom’s Capex increased 1 percent to EUR 2.2 billion. Revenue from operations amounted to EUR 14.7 billion, the same level as in the previous year. Adjusted EBITDA declined by 2.6 percent to EUR 4.8 billion.

Deutsche Telekom is a long-term user of SAS, Anite’s interoperability test solution, creating customized test cases to test new device features prior to launch. This ensures that devices operate as intended on the network and improves end-user satisfaction.

In Q3, the company reported strong growth in Entertain users, VDSL lines and mobile contract customers in Germany.

Deutsche Telekom has experienced a reduction in customer support calls and the number of requests for device swaps and repairs, enabling them to make cost savings over a longer period of time. Deutsche Telekom has been using SAS for over five years to analyze issues including dropped calls, non-received calls and network related signaling.

“Anite’s SAS offers us a flexible, simple and repeatable method of testing mobile devices and is proven to save us time, resources and money,” says Ralf Mehlan, VP Terminal Integration and Validation at Deutsche Telekom. He continues, “Anite’s expertise and capabilities in the area of wireless device testing were key contributing factors to the extension of our agreement.”

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