Rogers users can stream 3 times more video – without using more data

Rogers Communications customer careRogers has launched Stream Saver that enables data users to stream up to 3 times more video – without using more data — on mobile applications and websites including YouTube, Twitch, and Rogers NHL Live.

Stream Saver, which will be available on desktop now and in the MyRogers app on Google Android and Apple iOS in the coming days, will ensure users to control of their mobile data in real-time via MyRogers.

Rogers Communications said that the data management solution is exclusive to Share Everything customers. Users can now customize data alerts for each member of the family, top up data for the month and pause data usage on any line in the plan.

Rogers’ wireless customers achieved a significant drop in customer calls related to data usage since the introduction of the data management the tool last year to assist customers by giving them more control of their data usage.

The data user can change video streaming settings from high definition to standard definition, which is similar to DVD quality, with one swipe in their MyRogers app. For example, a customer can watch up to 18 minutes of standard definition video on YouTube compared to 6 minutes in high definition, all while using the same amount of data.

“We want our customers to get the most out their plan and providing solutions that allow them to manage their family’s data is a big priority,” said Raj Doshi, executive vice president, Wireless, Rogers Communications.