Tiktik platform helps in saving, assessing the best network

tiktik platformY Ravi and Anil Kumar, the two co-founders of a start-up company, say tiktik is India’s first telecom comparison platform.

India’s one billion plus mobile phone users can use the tiktik app to compare Airtel vs Jio vs Idea vs Vodafone vs any telecom operator for coverage, speed and my offers.

Mobile phone users can port to the best network on a single tap. “I know of users who tried to switch networks using our app and were offered 50 percent discount as retention offers,” Y Ravi said.

https://app.tiktik.in analyses the publicly available operator information on TRAI website to present a five-star rating for all networks in user’s locality.

Some operators did not accept speed and coverage details provided by TRAI website because the TRAI gives details based on crowd sourced data without any analysis. The crowd sourced data has limitations because of a tiny sample size. Plus, some analysts believe that crowd sourced information can be manipulated.

TRAI app shows Jio as the best network in terms of speed.

But Airtel is the clear speed king in India, according to several third party analysis done in the last 12 months.

The main limitation of the tiktik platform is the fact that it will rely on TRAI information for sharing any comparison on coverage and speed.

Features of tiktik

# tiktik works natively in all Indian languages, apart from English
# Users need to download 3MB on Play Store
# tiktik offers telecom network comparison platform for your locality
# Users can port networks on a single tap
# Users will see my offers, not recharges. Offers give min 30 percent extra value
# Users can stop spam calls / SMS

“For a country of our size, there cannot be just one best network, there can be a best network for your mohalla and this changes by the mile,” said Y Ravi, co-founder of tiktik. “If you find you are stuck on the wrong network, you can switch networks on a single tap. You should be able to buy a new SIM card on tiktik soon.”

Users can find the best recharge options from mobile operators directly on the tiktik app. These offers provide minimum 30 percent more value compared to the market recharges you buy on payment apps. Users can compare the special offers from all your SIMs before you recharge on the app.

Y Ravi is a graduate from IIT Delhi and IIM Bangalore, while Anil Kumar holds an MCA from Andhra University. Y Ravi quit as a marketing head at a leading telecom to co-found tiktik, while Anil Kumar has considerable experience at a top chip company.