5 tips to 3G / 4G operators based on Ericsson’s mobile broadband and Google’s smartphone report

Telecom Lead India: It is time for 2G, 3G and 4G operators to invest heavily in networks aiming to capture users who want to consume the next billion GB of data.

Ericsson says mobile broadband adoption of Generation Z — kids (9-11 years), tweens (12-15 years) and teens (16-18 years) — in India is driven by family dynamics.

Parents using mobile broadband were more likely to introduce their children to the technology as well.




TelecomLead.com Suggestion 1:

Improve of quality of services of mobile broadband across India so that elders in the family will recommend their service providers to kids and kins.

Today, 3 million mobile broadband users in urban India are aged under 18. 35 percent of non-users with capable handsets are willing to take up mobile broadband in the next 3 months. The Ericsson survey did not look at concerns regarding quality of services.

TelecomLead.com Suggestion 2:

Invest heavily in urban networks, especially focusing on mobile broadband. Get more spectrum from the government as the India’s youth population will benefit.

This is not part of the Ericsson report. We assume that there will be more demand from Generation Z for new handsets and cost effective packages.

TelecomLead.com Suggestion 3:

Encourage handset vendors to launch youth-friendly handsets, while service providers can introduce pocket friendly 3G/4G packages.

Ericsson says out of 69 million urban Generation Z consumers, 3 million use mobile broadband on their phones.

TelecomLead.com Suggestion 4:

Think about mobile advertising and location-based services. India’s young population is going to consume like Japanese or Koreans.

But India needs to achieve more GDP growth.

Ericsson said 58 percent of Generation Z is now willing to give up watching TV in favor of browsing internet on a mobile phone.

A Google – IPSOS report shows that India is leading the race in adopting smartphones, over televisions, for entertainment purposes.

TelecomLead.com Suggestion 5:

Plan for video streaming services and consider more mobile realty shows now. Telecom operators can also enhance entertainment content available on phones. VAS players can look at faster revenue growth.

According to Google, the survey, conducted across 40 nations, shows that in comparison to mature smartphone markets including the US, UK and Germany where less than 27 percent people are willing to give up the time they spend watching television for smartphones, in India, a whopping 49 percent smartphone owners are ready to give up the TV rather than their phones.

Ericsson survey said kids explore new technology and use the mobile in the same way as their older counterparts. Parents are using mobile broadband are more likely to introduce their children to the technology.

Fredrik Jejdling







“This report captures the insights of a dynamic consumer group. These young people will shape the future mobile consumption for our industry,” said Fredrik Jejdling, head of Region, Ericsson India.

Lalitesh Katragadda






“This is a truly astonishing trend among India’s first wave of smartphone users, caused by high quality online video content and superb apps. We expect this momentum and affinity to cascade into an inflection in India’s smartphone adoption, driven by significant price reduction of high quality devices over the next two years,” said Lalitesh Katragadda, country head, India Products, Google India.

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