955 firms are deploying private mobile networks: GSA

At least 955 organizations are deploying LTE or 5G private mobile networks in 72 countries, according to Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA).
C-band 5G base stations
66 new customers are deploying LTE or 5G private mobile networks in the third quarter, up from a total of 889 in the second quarter, the GSA report said.

There is a correlation between the number of private mobile network references and countries with dedicated spectrum, with roll-outs now in 72 countries and territories globally. Private mobile networks are mainly found in more-developed markets, with USA, Germany, China, UK and Japan holding the most references.

Organizations still favour LTE; 5G represents 40.9 percent of private mobile network deployments. The three fastest-growing industry sectors in the quarter were mining, with 15 new customer references, followed by defence and peacekeeping with 13, and manufacturing with nine.

“We’re witnessing a steady growth in private mobile network deployments on various levels; in terms of technology, with LTE and 5G both gaining traction, as well as in terms of market reach, with countries all over the world actively deploying the technologies,” said Joe Barrett, President of GSA.