Acme Packet showcases voice over LTE solution

Acme Packet, a provider of session delivery network
solutions, announced it has showcased the VoLTE solution at the VoLTE
Interoperability Event 2011, organized by the MultiService Forum (MSF) and
backed by the GSMA.



At the event, Acme Packet’s session border controllers
and policy exchange controllers provided SIP and Diameter signaling controls at
access and interconnect borders as well as the core network.



Acme Packet
demonstrated the capability of its Net-Net session border controller (SBC) and
Net-Net Policy Director in VoLTE networks in both home and roaming



The test cases included Voice over LTE (compliant to GSMA
PRD IR.92) and roaming and interconnect (compliant to GSMA PRD’s IR.65 and
IR.88). Acme Packet participated in both locations, the Vodafone Centre for
Test and Innovation in Düsseldorf and the China Mobile Research Institute Lab
in Beijing.



Acme Packet’s commitment to the VoLTE interoperability event,
alongside Vodafone and China Mobile, highlights the significance of the
combination of IMS and LTE for the telecommunications industry,” said Kyu-Ou
Lee, president, MSF.



The multi-vendor interoperability test environment was
designed by the MSF to test key service concepts in IP Multimedia Subsystem
(IMS) and LTE networks. This event offers service providers third-party
validation so that they may purchase vendor products with confidence that they
will meet the interoperability standards set forth by the global standards



Acme Packet’s VoLTE and 4G multimedia communications
solution is headed by the Net-Net Session Director.



In the VoLTE interoperability event, Net-Net Session
Directors fulfilled multiple Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) IMS
functional requirements the Proxy-Call Session Control Function (P-CSCF) and
IMS-Access Gateway (AGW) functions at the access edge of the IMS network; and
the Interconnect-Border Control Function (I-BCF) and Transition Gateway (TrGW)
at the interconnect border.



Acme Packet SBCs provide critical functions for VoLTE
service delivery, encompassing security, service reach maximization, SLA
assurance, revenue and cost management and regulatory compliance. In VoLTE
roaming scenarios, Acme Packet SBCs can provide the Visited-P-CSCF with
flexibility to anchor media remotely or route media to the home network.



At both MSF test locations, the Net-Net Policy Director
was used as a 3GPP Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), providing critical security,
interoperability and routing functions for Diameter signaling. These functions
streamline networks and ensure resiliency for LTE and IMS networks. The Net-Net
Policy Director was used for both core Diameter routing and VoLTE roaming.



The MSF VoLTE interoperability event is invaluable to
Acme Packet and our customers as we work together to make next generation voice
and IP multimedia communications a reality for LTE networks,” said Patrick
MeLampy, chief technology officer and co-founder of Acme Packet.



Recently, Exact Ventures reported that.Acme Packet leads
both the Enterprise and Service Provider segments of the SBC market, in 1Q11
its market share in the Enterprise segment was half of its share of the Service
Provider segment.



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