Advantech Wireless unveils VSAT Hub for less than $50,000

Advantech Wireless, a Canadian-based manufacturer of
satellite, RF equipment and microwave systems, announced the launch of its
newest generation of VSAT Hubs the Discovery Series.


The Discovery Series Hub claims it is the perfect starter
system offering better value than any other manufacturer. The Discovery Series
is a two-way, open standard (DVB-RCS), broadband satellite access system and
includes a fully functional hub with 4 inbound carriers, scalable as your needs
grow, all for under $50,000.

Overwhelming customer demand has driven us to create a
new series of Hubs for each market. The new Discovery series allows small to
medium private satellite networks, commercial enterprises or government to get
started today at the lowest possible cost. As you grow, your investment remains
intact; the solution will scale with your needs.


Advantech Wireless has removed all barriers to entry and has configured many systems for quick


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