Agilte announces ready-to-use, 3GPP-compliant LTE UE Protocol Stack


Agilte, an Indian LTE entity has announced the availability of a ready-to-use 3GPP-compliant LTE Protocol Stack for User Equipment (UE). Agilte LTE UE Protocol stack is a 3GPP Release 8 compliant implementation consisting of Layer 2, Layer 3 and the NAS Layer. It is a high-performing, light-weight implementation optimized for mobile devices.


Agilte LTE UE stack covers all the mandatory and optional features stated in the Release 8 specification of the 3GPP LTE standard. It’s modular architecture makes it easy to integrate it with any underlying Operating System and Physical Layer. The entire stack is implemented in ANSI C and has been compiled using both C and C++ compilers without any system dependencies.  Porting has been one of the key focal points of Agilte LTE UE stack design, and thus, the porting layer is a very thin layer and has been kept at minimal to ensure rapid porting and verification.


Agilte LTE UE Stack has undergone rigorous testing using internal test suites and has successfully passed the independent conformance test suite of an industry leader in LTE test equipment. It has passed over 182 3GPP test specification results as of May 2011 and is the only LTE UE protocol stack to have achieved successful third party conformance tests compliance out-of-the-box.


Agilte LTE UE Protocol stack will be licensed as either one-time license or royalty-based license. In either case, customers will get access to the complete protocol stack source-code. Device manufacturers and Infrastructure vendors can benefit from the time-to-market advantage by partnering with Agilte to integrate it’s ready-to-use LTE UE Protocol stack. Solution providers and integrators can utilize Agilte’s technology provide a complete LTE UE solution to their clients.


Agilte will be presenting at NASSCOM EMERGE Conclave, Chennai, India on June 7th.



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