Airspan to power Ulusnet Mongolia 4G network expansion

Airspan Networks, a provider of broadband wireless access networks, announced the expansion by Ulusnet, Mongolia, of their 4G broadband network.

Ulusnet  launched its WiMAX network in 2007 and has been serving residential, business and government customers with high-speed broadband services since.

With a successful business in place, Ulusnet is meeting the growing demand for broader coverage, as well as faster and more mobile services by expanding its existing network withAirspan  infrastructure.

The Ulusnet network consists of a combination of Airspan micro and macro-cell equipment to gain the right type of connectivity where needed. Operating in the 2.5 GHz frequency, Ulusnetleverages  the Airspan Air4G  base station’s compact footprint, powerful technology, fractional frequency reuse (FFR) features and the network management system to operate an efficient, low-cost network.

Airspan has served us well for several years. We have a strong partnership that supports our rapidly growing network. Mongolia is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and with a growing economy comes a higher demand for high-speed connectivity. Ulusnet is well positioned to continue to serve Mongolian resident and commercial customers with 4G data and voice services,” said Byambatseren Davaakhuu, CEO of Ulusnet.

The majority of the network is located in the city of Ulaanbaatar, the capital and largest city in Mongolia and home to about 38 percent of the nation’s population. The new expansion will continue to serve the city as well as target some of the more rural countryside.

Ulusnet has shown impressive growth and has managed their business intelligently. This operator is a prime example of how Airspan helps customers succeed in emerging markets. Airspan infrastructure has been an ideal match for Ulusnet, offering the right coverage, capacity and range to meet their business objectives and support their growth,” said Amit Ancikovsky, president of Products and Sales for Airspan Networks.

Ulusnet main business activities include information technology services based on WiMAX technology. Ulusnet LLC is a new provider of consumer and business internet services through a number of products, including U-home, U-office, U-royal and U-card.

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