Airtel enhances download speed on mobile network: Opensignal

Airtel has enhanced the download speed for its customers on its mobile network by more than a megabit in six months to 8.7 Mbps — over 2.3 Mbps faster than Reliance Jio, according to the latest Opensignal report.
Airtel 4G speed in India vs Jio
Idea Cellular, Reliance Jio and Vodafone have also improved their download speed by at least half a megabit in Opensignal measurements. BSNL’s 3G download speed has also improved.

The report said India’s 4G LTE networks are suffering the effects of congestion, especially in urban areas.

Opensignal report said the average LTE download speed drops 2.8 Mbps when the mobile network is busiest compared to the daily average, but when the network is less congested, download speeds jump by 10.3 Mbps.

4G availability

Reliance Jio has achieved 97.5 percent in terms of 4G availability against 96.7 percent in the last report.

Airtel’s 4G Availability score has grown by over 10 percentage points in six months to reach 85.6 percent. Idea Cellular and Vodafone have grown their 4G Availability scores by at least 3 percentage points each.

Jio’s 4G Availability score of 97.5 percent is the highest Opensignal has ever recorded at country level.

In the U.S., two operators scored over 90 percent, while in Taiwan four are over this mark — but none in either market have passed 95 percent.

In the Netherlands, all the operators have 4G Availability scores over 90 percent, but only one has passed 95 percent. Japan has two operators over this benchmark.

Video Experience

Airtel is the top operator in its Video Experience analysis and its score increased by over 5 points for a score of 44.4 out of 100. All of India’s operators improved their scores by at least 2 points to pass the 40 point mark, Opensignal said.