Airtel expands 4G coverage in Bengal

Airtel 4G coverage in Baharampur
Telecom network operator Bharti Airtel today announced the expansion of its 4G coverage in Bengal.

With the launch of its 4G services in Baharampur on Tuesday, Baharampur has become the third town in Bengal to receive 4G mobile services from Airtel. Airtel is in the process of expanding its 4G coverage across the country. Airtel is utilizing its Rs 60,000 crore investment plan to enhance mobile customer experience and 4G services.

Airtel has rolled out 4G in Baharampur using dual spectrum bands of 2300 MHz (TD LTE) and 1800 MHz (FD LTE). Airtel says the combination of TD LTE and FD LTE ensures higher network capacity and better customer experience.

“Customers in Baharampur can now look forward to a superlative smartphone experience with Airtel 4G. We invite all data savvy customers to upgrade to Airtel 4G and be a part of India’s widest 4G network,” said Ravindra Singh Negi, CEO – West Bengal & Odisha, Bharti Airtel.

Bharti Airtel, the number one telecom operator, is offering free 4G upgrade options to all customers. Customers need 4G ready mobile devices to benefit from 4G services. Airtel’s 4G plans are available in Airtel Store. In order to switch to 4G SIM of Airtel, customers can also visit Airtel 4G website.

Airtel first launched 4G network in Kolkata in April 2012 and covered Kharagpur and Baharampur in August 2016.