Airtel makes investment to upgrade 4G network in Jammu & Kashmir

Bharti Airtel has made additional investment in order to upgrade its 4G network in Jammu & Kashmir.
Airtel 4G network in Jammu and KashmirAirtel’s telecom network engineers deployed the LTE 2100 technology in order to enhance the network experience for its smartphone customers.

The rollout of 4G network in the 2100 MHz spectrum band will assist Airtel to ensure more data capacity for 4G smartphone customers and also drive a lot of voice traffic on VoLTE to serve its customers.

Airtel said it has a combination of spectrum — 2300 MHz (TD LTE), 2100 MHz (LTE 2100) and 1800 MHz (FD LTE) in Jammu & Kashmir targeting 4G smartphone customers who are shifting from 3G and 2G.

“The deployment of LTE 2100 in Jammu & Kashmir will augment Airtel 4G network quality and experience. LTE 2100 will further boost the network capacity and significantly improve outdoor coverage especially during intra-city / inter-city transit for 4G smartphone customers,” Manu Sood, hub CEO- Upper North, Bharti Airtel said.

Decision makers at Airtel believe that the investment in LTE 2100 will add stimulus to hike in VoLTE traffic with better VoLTE propagation.

Airtel has over 5.46 million customers in Jammu & Kashmir. Airtel has already deployed advanced network technologies and tools such as 4G Advanced and Carrier Aggregation to step up high speed network capacity and coverage in Jammu & Kashmir.