Airtel optimizes network in Odisha to enhance voice and data quality

Bharti Airtel has upgraded its mobile network in Odisha to enhance voice and data quality for 4G smartphone users.
The largest telecom operator in India has optimized its 3G network, which carries bulk of the voice traffic for smartphone users, by deploying advanced network solutions and network software.

4G smartphone users on the Airtel network will now experience improved voice clarity, call stability and coverage.

Airtel has also increased its 4G coverage across Odisha to improve data experience in the state. This will result in improved 4G availability – both indoors and outdoors – and better data speeds on its LTE network.

Customers can opt for Airtel VoLTE which offers HD voice quality and faster call set up due to its connectivity with fall-back on 3G / 2G in case of non-availability of 4G. Close to 200 4G smartphones now support Airtel VoLTE.

Airtel has over 12 million customers across Odisha. Airtel, as part of the company’s network transformation program – Project Leap, plans to set up 4,400 new telecom sites and 1,500 kms of optic fiber across the state in fiscal 2018-19.

“Given the massive surge in 4G smartphone penetration, we have stepped up our network investments to serve the exploding voice and data usage,” Sameer Anjaria, chief executive officer – West Bengal & Odisha, Bharti Airtel, said.