Alcatel-Lucent partners with STC and Etisalat for LTE roll outs

Telecom Lead Middle East: Telecom gear maker
Alcatel-Lucent has partnered with STC and Etisalat to roll out high-speed
mobile broadband services to subscribers through the deployment of LTE mobile
broadband networks.


In collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent, STC deployed
commercial LTE service to cover 11 major cities in the country. The deployment
makes STC the first service provider in the region to launch the technology
massively in the region.


“With UAE and KSA having the highest smartphone
penetration rates in the region, according to a survey by Arab Advisor’s Group,
the increased popularity of high end mobile devices has resulted in an
increased demand for high speed mobile connections for both business and
consumer purposes,” said Amr K. El-Leithy, head of ME, Africa, Turkey and


Furthermore, the telecom gear maker announced that
Etisalat is one of the ten operators selected worldwide to participate in
Alcatel-Lucent’s lightRadioTM Metro Radio Outdoor (MRO) technology trial over
an existing 4G LTE network powered by, Alcatel-Lucent.


“Our partnership with Etisalat and STC has helped us
to understand the demands of the region and hence equips us to provide the
right customized solutions that will help service providers and entities to
realize the needs of their consumers,” Amr K. El-Leithy added.


The company said that results from the trial show that
service providers who deployed lightRadio MRO in their LTE network saw
improvements in the complexity and power consumption of mobile networks.


The lightRadio MRO allowed service providers to achieve cost
savings of up to 40 percent without comprising on the quality and speed of the
network. The company added that the results make lightRadio MRO a greener and
more cost-effective solution for service providers.


Alcatel-Lucent has also showcased regional projects and
communications technology innovations as part of its vision for a connected
world at this year’s LTE MENA conference in Dubai, 29-30 April 2012.


Alcatel-Lucent powers Cross Wireless to offer mobile broadband
services on 4G LTE network


Recently, Alcatel-Lucent announced that it is powering
Cross Wireless to offer mobile broadband services to its customers in parts of
eastern and southeastern Oklahoma in the United States. This network, based on
4G LTE, will expand mobile broadband access options.


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