Alvarion unveils BreezeCELL indoor capacity solution

a provider of 4G networks in the Broadband Wireless Access market, unveiled its
new BreezeCELL solution based on TrueActive DAS technology.

is an active end-to-end system for optimal capacity and coverage. BreezeCELL is
the first solution Alvarion is introducing as part of its new Wireless Capacity
and Coverage offering.

Wireless Coverage and Capacity offering addresses a range of operator needs and
meets them with solutions that are well suited for 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

Alvarion BreezeCELL provides operators with an easy path to ubiquitous indoor coverage.
BreezeCELL leverages a unique flat architecture to provide both superior cost
performance and advanced functionality — multi-technology, single cable MIMO
and much more. The solution’s remote unit is all-inclusive with an antenna
inside, which greatly reduces installation complexity and helps reduce CAPEX.

believe that current and future DAS deployments are all about data capacity. To
meet customer expectations, operators have to consider LTE, MIMO, additional
sectors and device-to-base station quality of connectivity,” said Ron
Agam, general manager, Wireless Capacity and Coverage, Alvarion.

are facing a challenge ensuring Quality of Experience given the unprecedented
pressure on their networks due to the constant data crunch. Alvarion’s Wireless
Coverage and Capacity Solutions will enable network operators to overcome these
challenges with the most efficient network, providing their customers the best
possible level of service, while reducing risk of churn,” said Eran Gorev,
president and CEO of Alvarion.

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