Anritsu test solutions used by Andrew Seybold to test LTE public safety network

Anritsu Company announced that its LMR Master S412E
compact handheld multi-function analyzer, BTS Master MT8222B base station
analyzer, and Link Master Air Interface Optimization Tools were used by Andrew
Seybold, as part of the consultant’s real-world testing of Project Cornerstone,
the first public safety broadband network in the San Francisco Bay area.



The tests were conducted to determine the effectiveness
of the network in the event of emergencies requiring police, fire, EMS and
other public safety personnel.



“Anritsu has been at the forefront of developing
test solutions for the public safety broadband market,” said David
Witkowski, product manager Anritsu.



“Ensuring the successful deployment, installation,
and operation of public safety networks is part of our commitment. When we were
approached to be part of this project, we immediately agreed, as we understand
the importance of these evaluations,” Witkowski added.



The tests conducted were based on real-world incidents
that are typical in both metro and suburban areas. The number of first responder
personnel assigned to each scenario and their functions at the respective
incident and in the command center were vetted by many within the public safety
community. In reality, the number of first responders assigned to the incidents
for the tests represented a conservative set of personnel on the scene.



As a result of the in-depth testing, Andrew Seybold,
concluded that the proposed allocation for 10 MHz of spectrum in the 700 MHz
Public Safety Spectrum Trust for exclusive use by public safety would
not be sufficient to meet real-world needs on a daily basis.



Utilizing Anritsu’s industry leading public-safety LTE
test equipment, Anritsu engineers monitored, recorded, and mapped the amount
and quality of both the uplink and downlink traffic being generated on the LTE
network during the tests.



The East Bay Regional Communications System Authority, in
partnership with the Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), developed
Project Cornerstone as a proof of concept for the larger LTE network planned
for the Bay Area.



recently announced it has enhanced the
LTE measurement capabilities in its MS272xC Spectrum Master and MT822xB BTS
Master series of handheld analyzers.



With the new analysis tools added to the existing
measurement capabilities, field engineers and technicians have handheld
instruments that can conduct nearly all the measurements necessary to
successfully deploy, commission, and maintain LTE networks.



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