Aptilo Networks is interoperable with Aricent LTE solutions

Aptilo Networks, a provider of pre-integrated solutions for control of billing, user services and access in wireless networks including Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G/LTE, has demonstrated full interoperability with pre-integrated LTE EPC (PGW/MME) framework offerings from Aricent, a global innovation and technology services company.

By completing interoperability testing, Aptilo demonstrates that the company’s LTE service management and policy control (PCRF) solution works seamlessly with LTE system nodes from vendors utilizing Aricent’s LTE technology.

Aricent currently works with the leading global communications OEMs, acting as a strategic development partner to the world’s foremost infrastructure, device, and application providers in the communications industry.

“Our pre-integrated solution and innovative ways of integrating with existing OSS/BSS systems provide a fast-track to LTE deployments. Driving interoperability work with leading technology providers such as Aricent is an important element in this fast-track equation,” said Torbjorn Ward, CEO, Aptilo Networks.

“We are pleased to announce interoperability with the Aricent’s LTE technology as it makes Aptilo’s LTE solution available as a seamless, fully interoperable solution for Aricent’s broad OEM/SI customer base,” Ward added.
“We are delighted to add Aptilo to our LTE ecosystem and extend our current WiMAX partnership into the LTE domain as well. This is a
significant step forward for Aricent, and we are confident that this joint interoperability testing initiative will provide genuine benefits for our OEM/SI customers of our LTE EPC frameworks,” said Rakesh Vij, vice president, Aricent.
By Telecomlead.com Team
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