Asia Pacific to account for 29 percent for LTE device shipments in 2012

By Telecom Lead Team: Asia Pacific is set to account for
29 percent of LTE device shipments in 2012.

North America will be the largest region with 46 percent
share. Having already witnessed over 0.2 million units shipments in 2011,
European LTE device shipments are set to grow at a CAGR of 260 percent over the
next five years.

By the end of 2012, it is expected that Europe will
account for nearly 30 percent of all LTE device shipments, representing a
market share worth 1.8 billion USD with nearly 6 million unit shipments,
according to a report by Signals and Systems Telecom.

The majority of the shipments will come from the Western
European market, with early LTE adopters such as Germany leading shipments
which will constitute almost. While 2011 only saw shipments of LTE PC Cards,
USD Dongles and Routers, a significant proportion of device shipments will
arise from LTE smartphone and tablet shipments in 2012.


LTE device
shipments market share by region in 2012

HTC recently announced the first LTE Smartphone in
Europe, the HTC -Velocity’ which will run on Vodafone Germany’s LTE network.
The widespread availability of LTE enabled smartphones will be a critical to
LTE’s success within Europe. In a survey of over 21 European Mobile Network
Operators conducted by Signals and Systems Telecom, over 70  percent of the respondents agreed the
availability of LTE smartphones is a critical success factor for LTE adoption
throughout Europe.


LTE device shipments forecasts 2011- 2016 (millions on units)

While the Eastern European market is not expected to be
very high in numbers with only 200,000 shipments expected for 2012, it is
expected to see shipments grow to nearly 10 Million units by 2016, driven by
commercial LTE network launches in Russia, which will account for nearly 30 percent
of the Eastern European market by 2016.

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