Avago Technologies unveils high-gain linear power amplifier for 4G LTE cellular infrastructure

Telecom Lead Team
: Avago Technologies, a supplier of
analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer
applications, introduced MGA-43128, a high-gain, high-linearity power amplifier
for high-data-rate applications found in 700-800 MHz cellular infrastructure equipment.


new MGA-43128 amplifier can serve as
a base station driver amplifier and also provides superior signal transmission
quality with low power consumption for LTE AP, CPE, and Picocell equipment.


The Avago MGA-43128
amplifier provides superior signal quality while transmitting at high data
rates. The MGA-43128 amplifier can reduce power consumption with low distortion
and high power added efficiency (PAE).


input is fully matched while the output includes integrated pre-match circuitry
for matching and application simplicity. An integrated bypass switch controlled
attenuator provides up to 18.0 dB attenuation. The device operates over a
temperature range of -40° C to +85° C and also has a temperature-compensated
power detector on chip.


new MGA-43128 device’s very linear output power is achieved by using an Avago
proprietary 0.25 µm GaAs Enhancement-mode pHEMT process, which allows single 5V
supply operation and useable performance down to 3.3V.


700 MHz MGA-43128 joins Avago’s 29 dBm linear power amplifier family, following
the released MGA-43228 and MGA-43328 power amplifiers that cover 2300 to 2500
MHz and 2500 MHz to 2700 MHz, respectively.


MGA-43128 is offered in a miniature 5.0 x 5.0 x 0.85 mm surface mount, 28-lead
QFN package.


PLX Technology and Avago Technologies recently announced  a
collaboration using optics to demonstrate PCI Express extending beyond its
dominant role within the box to a cabled box-to-box solution.


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