Bouygues Telecom selects Ericsson for LTE 4G network

Telecom Lead Team: Wireless infrastructure major Ericsson has been selected by
Bouygues Telecom for rolling out 4G LTE services.

is the market leader in LTE, with 38 commercial rollout contracts around the
world, amounting to a 65 percent share of the LTE market in Q3 2011.

agreement involves a comprehensive package of services ranging from design,
integration, rollout, to customer support.

Ericsson will also transform Bouygues Telecom’s existing 2G and 3G radio
networks to improve network performance as data traffic increases and more
people move into French cities.

multi-year project has already begun and will be based on Ericsson RBS 6000
multi-standard equipment for the populous regions Ile de France, Centre-Alpes
and Mediterranee.

result will be greater operational and energy efficiency for Bouygues Telecom
and a further enhanced user experience, higher quality of service and faster
connection speeds for the operator’s 12 million subscribers. Bouygues Telecom
covers 93 percent of the French population with its 3G+ network.

has proven its ability to manage large-scale network projects with us in the
past. This project will enable us to deliver a high level of service and
further enhance the experience of people who use our 2G, 3G, and LTE
technologies,” said Olivier Roussat, CEO of Bouygues Telecom.

increasingly competitive marketplace demands high levels of quality and
performance, which Bouyges Telecom will be able to meet with the solution they
have chosen,” said Franck Bouetard, head of Ericsson France.

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