Broadband Forum and Ipv6 join hands


The Broadband Forum and the IPv6 Forum announced their
cooperative effort to empower the successful adoption of IPv6 in broadband
deployments worldwide, creating the ecosystem that will ensure the continued
success of the Internet as new applications and user expectations grow beyond
the bounds of the IPv4 protocol.

The two organizations are collaborating to incorporate
Broadband Forum network and testing specifications into the IPv6 Forum’s
Certification Program.

The Broadband Forum is a global consortium of around 200 member companies
dedicated to the development of the full potential of broadband. The
organization develops specifications for wireline broadband providers including
IPv6 enabled end to end network architectures.

The Broadband Forum gives
special focus to interoperability and aspects of deployment such as integration
into existing networks and migration strategies between technologies


In March, the Broadband Forum launched its BroadbandSuiteT 4.0
release-specifications that enable the integration of the IPv6 protocol into
existing network and remote management platforms.   The release enables
network support of IPv6 from core to user in fiber and DSL network deployments

It provides the capability for networks to scale to
address practically limitless numbers of devices. Future enhancements have the
potential to enrich the user experience (supporting secure, mobile and nomadic
applications) and enable the proliferation of connected user devices and
machine-to-machine communications.

This IPv6 toolkit helps service providers reduce the
impact of IPv4 protocol exhaustion on their existing services while ensuring
the growth of new users, devices and applications.

The IPv6 Forum’s aim is to drive the development of the IPv6 Ready
Certification and Logo Program, bringing together the industry in order to
deploy IPv6 on a large scale and ensure the interoperability of all devices.
The organization’s IPv6 Ready CPE Test Plan draws on the IPv6 work of the Broadband Forum.


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