Broadband Forum Rreleases BroadbandSuiteT 4.1

Broadband Forum announced that its latest release, BroadbandSuiteT 4.1, provides techniques and tools to provision, measure and manage each segment of the broadband network to ensure quality delivery of Connected Home services.

This release looks at the ever expanding ecosystem of the Connected Home and addresses for the first time service requirements of triple play and beyond to include machine-to-machine applications including metering, monitoring as well as teleworking support.

Recognizing that more than 60 percent of the world’s broadband deployments are via Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL), a group of the specifications in this release deal specifically with how to engineer DSL for enhanced speed, stability and service delivery.

These specifications make up what is referred to as the DSL Quality Management (DQM) Suite which describes techniques using DSL line performance, status and test data, as well as other data as inputs to measure throughput and diagnose line functions.

The specifications then prescribe potential corrective actions to alleviate problems or improve performance.

Broadband SuiteT 4.1 -Quality Service Delivery provides a timely toolkit of options for providers to better engineer their networks and management techniques. From the provisioning stage to lifecycle management- these specifications set the bar much higher than simple guaranteed service delivery to ensuring the Quality of Experience (QoE) that customers expect.

Broadband is rapidly becoming the accepted means for delivering a multitude of services. Stability and quality is therefore a number one priority as the penetration of broadband increases and related service offerings become increasingly structured. The Broadband Forum’s work has focused on developing the tools necessary to help providers deliver excellent service quality and performance to enhance their customers’ experience,” said Robin Mersh, CEO of Broadband Forum.

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