C Spire adds features to LTE network to enhance capacity and speed

C Spire LTE network coverage
US-based telecom operator C Spire is adding new features in its LTE network in order to enhance capacity and peak speeds for wireless customers.

The investment in LTE network and upgrade is part of C Spire’s latest phase of a next-generation technology initiative for the nation’s largest privately held mobile services provider.

C Spire is America’s sixth largest wireless communications operator. C Spire started rolling out the enhancements in March – in selected areas in Cleveland, Collins, Columbus, Greenville, Hattiesburg,   Laurel and Louisville, Mississippi.

C Spire has made investment in new hardware and other changes to ensure up to 50 percent faster peak wireless data speeds for mobile Internet users. C Spire said the new enhancements in its LTE network are available in 40 cities.

“The next generation of LTE works like a finely-tuned race car,” said Alan Jones, senior vice president of Network Engineering and Development of C Spire. “Users get a massive speed boost when they need it most in dense areas with heavy data demands.”