Cablevision to extend cable TV service to in-home iPhone and iPod touch devices


Cablevision Systems announced the launch of a new Optimum
App for iPhone and iPod touch that delivers the full cable television
experience on these devices in the home, extending the innovative functionality
that debuted in April with the Optimum App for iPad.


Cablevision customers can enjoy more than 300 channels of
live TV and thousands of titles of video on demand (VOD) on all three devices,
in addition to DVR management, interactive guide information and search.


Customers can use the app on all three devices as a
virtual remote control for conventional TVs in the home, maximizing its
value as a discovery and navigation tool.


Cablevision was the first company to offer its full cable television service on an iPad in
the home and now becomes the first to extend this functionality to the iPhone
and iPod touch.


“Our new Optimum App for iPhone and iPod touch
extends Cablevision’s leadership in offering our full cable television service
on new devices, functioning as televisions in the home,” said John
Trierweiler, executive vice president of product management, Cablevision.


Cablevision maximize the value of its Optimum App as a
navigation and programming discovery tool by incorporating controls for home
TVs as well.


The introduction of this remote control functionality
will make it even easier for customers to locate and view all of the content
they already receive as part of their television subscription, whether they
want to watch on conventional TVs or these Apple devices.


Cablevision uses its secure and proprietary cable
television network to deliver cable programming to customers for viewing on its
Optimum App, and content is not delivered over the Internet. Customers do
not need to have Internet access to use the Optimum App.


The Optimum App turns these display devices into
additional televisions in the home, enabling Cablevision customers to view the
same live programming and VOD content already being delivered to other TVs in
the home as part of the service they have paid for.


Cablevision has the right to distribute programming over
its cable system to in-home iPhones, iPods, iPads and other devices functioning
as televisions under its existing distribution agreements with programming


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