CalAmp launches fusion-LTE 4G broadband router platform for Smart Grid applications

By Telecom Lead Team:
CalAmp, a provider of wireless products, services and solutions, has unveiled
multi-band Fusion-LTE 4G router platform to enable broadband communications for
industrial and Smart Grid applications.


The Fusion-LTE operates on 4G cellular networks, offering
users better communications speed. In the absence of 4G coverage, the
auto-adapting device will fall back to 3G performance.


This new broadband router provides wireless data
connectivity in bands 13, 14 and 17 at 4G speeds over both public and private
LTE networks with applications supported over CalAmp’s COLT cloud-based
enterprise server platform. Embedded Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS capability afford
users the option of mobile communications and navigation services to meet
additional field requirements.


“As we enter the era of ‘The Internet of Things,’
where nearly every object and device can be connected, Fusion-LTE’s broadband
speeds will allow our customers to future proof their communications systems in
preparation for data requirements yet unknown. In particular, Fusion-LTE will
help make possible a variety of mission-critical, fixed-remote and mobile
applications within our target markets,” said Mike Zachan, general manager
of CalAmp‘s
Wireless Networks business.


CalAmp expects to begin shipping the Fusion-LTE wireless
broadband router in the first calendar quarter of 2012.


CalAmp launched its location monitoring and messaging device designed
specifically for commercial and consumer auto insurance applications.


Mobile data technologies are fueling new initiatives
within the commercial and consumer auto insurance industry, as insurers develop
products based on vehicle usage and driver behavior. CalAmp’s ability to
reliably and cost effectively deliver the vehicle operating analytics to enable
these insurance products firmly establishes us as a leading supplier of
critical-path technology for the auto insurance market.


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