Cavium ships multi-format HD STB SoC for OTT, IPTV and cable markets


Cavium, a provider of semiconductor products that enable
processing for networking, communications and the digital home, announced the launch
of Celestial CNC1800L multi-format, high definition Set Top Box
System-on-a-Chip (SoC) processor is sampling to customers for Over the Top
(OTT), IPTV, and Digital Cable Set Top Box applications.



Cavium’s new Celestial CNC1800L optimized for OTT,
managed IPTV and Cable TV networks, combines multi-standard video decoders
supporting both legacy MPEG-2 and highly compressed H.264 video and multimedia



The high performance multi-channel audio decoder and post
processor in the CNC1800L SoC provides consumers with a cinema quality audio
experience. An advanced security and digital rights management engine enables protected
content from the internet or over managed cable networks to be securely
decrypted, viewed, stored or time-shifted.



“The Cavium CNC1800 has been chosen by GuangXi Cable
as the set top box platform of choice for time-shifting and content storage capability,”
said Deng GangPing, CTO at GuangXi Cable.



“The first phase deployment to our Province’s
customer base was very successful and we are looking forward to working with
on the next generation SoC CNC1800L,” GangPing added.



The 1800L also includes an ARM CPU and sophisticated 2D
graphics capable of running industry standard middleware and open source
environments, such as iPanel and Android. Additional features include content
storage and processing for recording of live broadcasts and creation of media



The Cavium Celestial CNC1800 family of processors is
optimized for set-top boxes using high definition video broadcast formats.
Advanced features enabling highly differentiated products in cost sensitive
markets include H.264 and High Definition Motion JPEG video encoder.



Additionally, all members of the Celestial CNC1800
product family include Cavium’s WiVu wireless video distribution technology.
This feature enables Set Top Box products to receive and stream video from a
variety of mobile devices and consumer appliances such as smart phones,
tablets, laptop and desktop PCs.



The Celestial CNC1800 family uses high performance ARM
CPUs with memory management units supporting DDR2 and DDR3 DRAM, programmable
multi-stream transport de-multiplexers and digital content recording engines.



The Celestial CNC1800 family also supports conditional
access standards, including Nagravision and the digital rights management technology
required for OTT video applications and services.



Cavium Networks recently announced initial shipments
of OCTEON II CN66XX processors to multiple OEM customers.



The Cavium OCTEON II
CN66XX integrates up to 10 MIPS64 cores and most-advanced hardware acceleration
for networking, mobile infrastructure, control-plane and data-center
applications providing superior performance within highly constrained power and
cost designs.



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