Celeno unveils 3×3 450Mbps video-grade Wi-Fi/USB chip

Celeno Communications, a provider of semiconductors for
multimedia Wi-Fi home networking applications, announced the CLR250 3×3 450Mbps
Wi-Fi/USB chip.


The CLR250 provides service providers and OEMs with a
video-grade Wi-Fi solution and cost-effective USB-based architecture to help
monetize and accelerate the adoption of IP-based video services.


Powered by Celeno’s signature video-grade OptimizAIR
technology, the new solution is now available to enhance set-top boxes (STBs)
and media players with wireless connectivity, delivering superior performance
and quality of service (QoS) at a low cost.


Service providers are increasingly looking to offer
robust wireless home networking infrastructure to enable IP-based video
services in the home across different platforms, simply and flexibly,” said
Michael J. Palma, IDC’s research manager for consumer device semiconductors.


The CLR250 specifically addresses this challenge. The
chip is the first Wi-Fi/USB 3×3 with digital beam forming solution in the
market that meets the rigorous requirements of whole-home wireless video
distribution and helps OEMs reduce the price curve with a cost effective USB
architecture,”  said Lior Weiss, VP of
Marketing at Celeno.


STB, DVR, TV and media player manufacturers can embed the
new Celeno chip in their solutions, integrating it with the main media processor SoC
through a common USB interface.


The device can also be used to power video-grade
after-market Wi-Fi/USB adaptors that service providers can deploy by simply
plugging a Wi-Fi/USB adaptor into an external USB connector on a STB or other
display device. The adaptor transforms the STB or TV into a video-grade Wi-Fi
connected device to ensure plug-and-play, self-install simplicity.


The CLR250 maximizes range, throughput, and signal
consistency attributable to the fact that it is powered by Celeno’s field
proven OptimizAIR technology. Low packet drop, jitter, and latency, and overall
QoS for perfect, lossless video streaming is achieved with channel-aware
scheduling and rate selection.


The device also combines an 802.11n MAC, baseband and 3×3
radio on a single silicon with a memory-less USB architecture, lowering the
bill of materials and consequently the deployment costs.


Celeno’s OptimizAIR TDLS implementation makes the
solution ideal for video streaming and content- sharing between client devices
for applications such as multi-room DVR and DLNA connectivity.


The CLR250 operates in both the 2.4GHz and the uncongested
5GHz frequency channels and works with legacy home networks as well as advanced
concurrent dual-band networks.


By combining the CLR250-enabled clients with Celeno’s
CL1800 powered Gateways and Access Points, service providers and OEMs can offer
a cost effective home network with superior performance.



By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]