CES 2012: Pro Brand develops Indoor/Outdoor 4G LTE home antenna with Verizon

By Telecom Lead Team: Mobile service provider Verizon
Wireless and Pro Brand International announced an indoor/outdoor 4G LTE flat
antenna for the home or small office to maximize Verizon’s 4G LTE

The Pro Brand 4G LTE antenna is a MIMO patch antenna
optimally matched and designed for Verizon’s LTE spectrum band, and improves
reception and transmission of data over 4G LTE in low signal lying areas and
boosts performance and quality of service in strong signal areas. 

The high performance indoor/outdoor LTE antenna will
include an indoor stand and wall mount, and a low loss dual coax cable with SMA
connectors, and is expected to be available in the next few months. 

“Antennas are often an overlooked component in many
devices, but are absolutely vital in ensuring a high performance
environment. Testing and data obtained from Verizon’s LTE Innovation
Center show that Pro Brand’s well designed and matched antenna not only helps
data throughput in fringe areas, but significantly increases data throughput in
areas with strong signal strength. Verizon Wireless is trailblazing in the
wireless broadband arena with its 4G LTE technology and showed great foresight
in creating a collaborative environment with the Innovation Center,” said
Jim Crownover, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Pro

Pro Brand and Verizon began working together a year ago,
and the companies recognize that an antenna is the frontline to providing users
with the highest performance experience with any wireless device. Verizon’s
collaborative approach with the LTE Innovation Center allowed Pro Brand to
design an antenna best suited for various applications in the ecosystem.

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