China Mobile deploys solution to optimize 4G experience

China Mobile VoLTEChina Mobile Research Institute and China Mobile Group Zhejiang have deployed a solution to optimize the high-speed rail (HSR) 4G user experience in the Shanghai-Hangzhou HSR (Jiaxing section) providing better network services for 4G users.

ZTE assists China Mobile in planning and construction to ensure the dominance of private network signals in HSR lines. The solution for optimizing the HSR 4G-experience is featuring unique priority scheduling for HSR users.

In addition, the solution identifies HSR and non-HSR users by using a precise scheduling algorithm that guarantees priority services for 4G users on the HSR, significantly improving the user experience in HSR stations and in the densely-populated areas.

After the function of priority scheduling for HSR users is enabled, the uplink and downlink resources allocated to 4G users on the HSR increased when the trains go through platforms, enhancing the service rate while ensuring better quality of service (QoS) of VoLTE services for both HSR and non-HSR users. This optimization solution will help China Mobile provide users with high-quality VoLTE service and excellent data service for 4G HSR users.

ZTE supports the network construction of 27 HSR lines in 14 provinces in China, helping operators bring better 4G data services and VoLTE service experience to HSR users.