China Mobile to introduce 4.5G technology

China Mobile VoLTE
China Mobile has joined forces with Huawei to introduce a 4.5G technology D-MIMO (Distributed MIMO) on the commercial 4G network on the Bund in Shanghai.

Huawei revealed at the meet that an onsite test using commercial mobile phones pointed out that the cell capacity has reached 140 Mbps, with a 35 percent increase.

The single-user experience rate has touched 15 Mbps, representing an increase of 80 percent, the company added.

China Mobile adopted Huawei CloudRAN networking technology by reusing the baseband unit and RRUs on the live network and enabling BBU sharing among RRUs, in the commercial use trial.

The base station software was then upgraded to the operator enabled the D-MIMO service.

The cell capacity was found to go up by 35 percent to 140 Mbps, in comparison to the 103 Mbps capacity achieved through cell merging, after D-MIMO implementation. The average cell throughput also hiked by 45 percent from 45 Mbps to 65 Mbps, with the user rate at the cell edge increasing by 80 percent to 15 Mbps.

The densely populated urban areas in Shanghai suffered from a high amount of interference issues, which can be re-directed to useful signals, hence adding to the deficient network capacity.

The companies added that D-MIMO is not network topology centric, giving more room for user-centric network construction.

The promotion will be carried out by China Mobile Shanghai till the maturity and commercial deployment of 4.5G and possibly 5G technologies to build the world’s leading TechCity in Shanghai.