China Telecom selects Anite for LTE data throughput testing

SAS, Anite’s interoperability and performance test solution, accelerates the introduction of new devices to the Chinese market.

Anite, a provider of wireless equipment testing technology, announced that China Telecom selected its interoperability and performance test solution – SAS- for LTE data throughput testing.

China Telecom will use the solution as a key part of its LTE device acceptance program.

When a mobile operator and device manufacturer use SAS together to run approved mobile operator test plans, more consistent results can be achieved. It also helps them test the devices more accurately and rigorously through a wide range of test scenarios specified by the mobile operator.

China Telecom

The test plan consists of two LTE data throughput packages totaling over 200 scripts. These scripts allow China Telecom and any device manufacturer in their ecosystem to ensure that new devices perform as expected on their mobile network.

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China Telecom also uses Anite’s Conformance Toolset as their primary platform for conformance testing enabling them to run a wide range of pre-qualification test scripts from a single platform, leading to accelerated product releases, the company said.

Paul Beaver, products director at Anite  Device & Infrastructure Testing business, said, “Anite’s range of leading device test solutions enable mobile operators like China Telecom to cost-effectively and quickly verify and launch new devices to market.”

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