China Telecom taps Alcatel-Lucent for 4G expansion

Alcatel-Lucent China
Mobile service provider China Telecom has selected Alcatel-Lucent for expanding its LTE 4G coverage across 12 provinces of China.

Alcatel-Lucent will be supplying LTE technology in most major provinces of China nationwide, and covers cities with the highest GDP in the country. In March 2015, Alcatel-Lucent, which will be acquired by Nokia, announced a similar deal with China Telecom. China Telecom competes with China Mobile and China Unicom in the Chinese mobile services market.

The contract to Alcatel-Lucent indicates that 4 big telecom network vendors such as Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson and Nokia Networks have lost the bid. Out of this, both ZTE and Huawei are Chinese telecom network vendors.

As part of the 4G expansion of China Telecom, Alcatel-Lucent will deploy its 9926 eNodeB LTE radio technology in 12 provinces of China, while introducing LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation capabilities for LTE FDD in major cities for the first time in China.

Alcatel-Lucent has LTE 87 contracts in 48 countries.

The deploying of Carrier Aggregation capability for China Telecom allows LTE radios to combine multiple frequency bands to increase data speeds and lower latency, enabling the service provider to provide data downloads of up to double speeds today.

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