coM.sat selects TranSwitch voice-over-LTE solution to power wireless LTE gateway

Telecom Lead America: TranSwitch, a provider of
semiconductor solutions, announced that its Atlanta 2000 LTE Gateway
Reference Design has been selected by coM.sat
Kommunikationssysteme for the coM.sat 2012 LTE.


“Working closely with TranSwitch, we have been able
to bring to market an innovative and reliable gateway that provides exceptional
VoLTE and Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities to our demanding enterprise
customers,” said Alper Oezcan, director new business development at coM.sat.


The reference design by TranSwitch combines
high-performance hardware and innovative software to enable simultaneous LTE
and advanced LTE voice and data services for CPE applications, including
routers and gateways.


There were 10 million LTE connections in over 50 live LTE
networks, across 30 countries globally in 2011. This market is forecasted to
grow to 500 million LTE connections in over 200 live LTE networks across more
than 70 countries by 2016, according to Wireless Intelligence.


For efficiency and improved quality of service, several
operators plan to offer VoLTE services besides high-speed internet access.
VoLTE compatible networks and devices are expected to be launched by 2013. The
company expects it is better positioned to address the needs of these operators
through its solutions.


“The selection of TranSwitch’s Atlanta 2000 LTE
Gateway Reference Design by coM.sat exemplifies the proven performance
advantages offered by our solutions,” said Kris Shankar, Sr. VP & general
manager of the telecom business of TranSwitch.


Recently, TranSwitch
announced that its Atlanta 2000 LTE Gateway reference design has
tested over the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE development network.


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