Competitive Companies unveils 4G mobile broadband technology

Competitive Companies announced the
deployment of its 4G+ Mobile Broadband, by introducing a new technology
exceeding average mobile broadband speeds of over 25 Mbps.

Wireless Wisconsin, a subsidiary of CCI, is
currently pioneering the implementation of the new technology in Eau Claire,

“We call this 4G+ Mobile Broadband because
its ultimate download speeds can exceed 100 Mbps to the end user,” said William
Gray, chief executive officer of CCI.

The International Mobile Telecommunications
Advanced defines 4G service speeds as “up to” 100 million bits per second
(Mbps) for high-mobility communication technology utilized within trains and
cars, and 1 giga bit per second (Gbps) for low-mobility communication
technology utilized by pedestrians and stationary users.

CCI delivers broadband speeds beyond 4G by
harnessing a Multichannel Radio Frequency Transmission (MRFT) technology
developed by Wytec. Through a combination of Group Cooperative Relay,
macro-diversity technology, frequency banding, mesh network architecture and
cognitive radio technology, CCI is able to deliver mega speed broadband by
managing spectrum use and administering transmission power to reduce the cost
of overall delivery.

CCI will offer a licensed version of the
technology to existing Wireless Internet Service Providers across the U.S. and
beyond in the near future. The company currently has a letter of intent to
purchase Wytec International for $10 million from MediaG3, Inc and share its
development and future enhancements through a unique partnership arrangement.

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