Comverse Enhances its Mobile Internet Hub Product

Comverse, a leader in mobile Internet, announced it enhanced its Mobile Internet Hub
product with the Comverse Policy-Aware Congestion Control solution.

Mobileaccess to the Web is eclipsing PC access in key markets around the globe with
unprecedented levels of mobile Web usage straining network capabilities and
degrading quality of service.

Comverse’sCongestion Control Solution rises
to the challenge, alleviating congestion to help ensure an excellent Internet
experience for mobile users while helping operators avoid unnecessary costly
network upgrade investments.

Comverse’sCongestion Control solution strengthens the operator’s ability to maintain a
high-quality user experience by detecting degradation in the subscriber’s
quality of experience and implementing optimal policies dynamically based on a
broad range of network conditions and subscriber characteristics. DPI, Video
Optimization, QoS modifications and WiFi-Offload are key tools in proactively
applying a range of congestion control actions.

“Part of the Mobile Internet Hub Policy Management/Policy Enforcement framework, the Comverse Policy-Aware Congestion
Control solution can make a world of difference to both consumers and
operators,” said Lionel Chmilewsky, senior vice president, Head of Customer
Facing Group at Comverse.

“Users enjoy an excellent data experience regardless of network type and status;
operators meet user preferences and needs, boost network efficiency and reduce
costs and churn as they prepare for the increasingly huge role that the mobile
Internet will be playing in their future success,” Chmilewsky added.

Linking smart detection and dynamic policy decisions with effective congestion control
actions enables enforcement of congestion policies based on multiple
parameters: congestion severity level, traffic/device type, time of day,
subscriber data plan, etc. Real-time measurements and smart traffic heuristics
facilitate identification of congested cells and heavy users; optimal
congestion control policy is then efficiently enforced with pinpoint accuracy
where needed — utilizing DPI, video optimization and QoS modification

“Mobile operators are bracing for phenomenal mobile data traffic growth in the coming
years,” said Clare McCarthy, principal analyst at Ovum. To address advanced
use cases like congestion management, it is critical for operators to adopt a
proactive approach that integrates detection, policy and enforcement. An
effective congestion management solution with DPI and video optimization
capabilities puts operators in a position to alleviate the load on network
capacity while delivering an excellent user experience.”

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