CyWee Group joins Wi-Fi Alliance

CyWee Group, a provider of wireless consumer products and
enterprise solutions, announced its membership to the Wi-Fi Alliance. Its
membership is dedicated to widespread adoption of the Wi-Fi technology standard
through technology development, market building, and regulatory programs.


CyWee’s enrollment into the Wi-Fi Alliance
allows the company to participate in groups that work to shape the future of
the Wi-Fi industry. Members of the Wi-Fi Alliance meet at regularly scheduled
intervals to establish the test and certification process standards for various
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED technology programs.


A manufactured product must undergo a rigorous set of
interoperability tests to carry the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo, helping to ensure
that products from various manufacturers will work together and are fully
compatible with critical elements of the IEEE 802.11 standard.


We are delighted to be accepted to the Wi-Fi Alliance.
The Wi-Fi Alliance represents a critical step in our product strategy and we
are committed to wholeheartedly supporting the organization’s standards and
certifications. One of our primary goals is to enhance the user experience of
our customers through Wi-Fi standards. Moreover, we believe that through our
membership we can achieve positive advancement to the industry in general,”
said Joe Ye, CEO of CyWee.


We congratulate CyWee on joining our membership. CyWee
has demonstrated its commitment to a good user experience with advanced Wi-Fi
solutions by joining our organization,” said Edgar Figueroa, CEO of the Wi-Fi


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