How Docomo is improving indoor LTE coverage using NEC

NTT DocomoTelecom operator Docomo Pacific has conducted trials for improving indoor LTE coverage in the island of Guam.

Technology major NEC supplied its Enterprise-Radio Access Network (E-RAN) solution to Docomo Pacific retail stores on a trial basis — in September 2016. Docomo Pacific, during the trials, achieved up to 3 times better indoor signal quality.

NEC’s E-RAN technology enables simultaneous LTE communications for up to 64 smartphones, tablets and other devices per access point. Telecom operators can deploy the mobile coverage solution quickly using IT infrastructure, which enables smooth installation and contributes to an improved customer experience.

“Many of our buildings in Guam are made to withstand typhoons and earthquakes using material like stone, concrete, steel and tinted glass that contain signal blocking properties. By using NEC’s E-RAN solution, we are able to deliver an improved LTE signal to our customers that are indoors,” said Jonathan Kriegel, president and CEO of Docomo Pacific.

Nozomu Watanabe, general manager, Mobile Radio Access Network Division, NEC Corporation, was instrumental in conducting the trials for boosting indoor mobile coverage.