Energy Broadband offers broadband data services to U.S. natural gas distribution company

ERF Wireless, a provider of enterprise-class wireless and broadband products and services, announced that the company is in the process of providing wireless broadband data services, as well as other associated services, over a multi-year period, to hundreds of pipeline transmission, commercial end user and storage locations of one of the nation’s largest natural gas distribution, transmission and storage companies.

As part of its contract, Energy Broadband will also be responsible for providing the wireless system hardware, trained technicians for managing and performing all installations, and the testing of the total end-to-end data connectivity.

“This significant contract for our wholly owned subsidiary, Energy Broadband, utilizes the existing wireless network resources of ERF Wireless in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, and not only generates one-time revenue fees for installation, but also provides recurring monthly service revenue for each location over an extended time period. Our objective is to have all circuit locations operating over our wireless broadband network within a period of twelve to eighteen months depending on site availability and the termination dates of our customer’s existing contracts with the current providers,” said H. Dean Cubley, CEO of ERF Wireless.

With the continuing success of the program, ERF Wireless anticipates providing wireless connectivity to a substantial percentage of the more than one thousand commercial locations served by the customer that are within the current ERF Wireless network coverage or that can be reached with a moderate expansion of the company’s existing wireless coverage.

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